We offer fully customised solutions to best suit your business:

Cloud Solutions – Run your centralised business online from multiple devices

Computer Services – Maximise workplace performance and stay up to date

Web Programming – Create and customise website platforms and API’s to your specific requirements

Data Management – Manage your documents, files, databases and backups

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Cloud Solutions

Run your business in the cloud

– Centralised management of email, calendars, files, online meetings and more across desktops, phones and other devices with the Microsoft 365 platform

– Increased security with Microsoft 365 built in security standards

– Reduced overheads if you have expensive local servers that are currently being maintained

– Business specific data migrations

– Local backups if you like to have your data in your hands. The cloud is great for accessibility and redundancy but keeping your own copies of data is still of major importance to many businesses as a fail safe

– Workplace flexibility by allowing you to access data from home, on holiday, or via the commute to and from work

– Run a virtual private network (VPN) so you can connect to your office network remotely

Computer Services

We provide a range of computer services to keep your business running efficiently

– Backup strategies – what’s your worst case scenario and can it be recovered with your current backups?

– Remote support

– Computer repairs

– New computer setup

– Virus & spyware removal

– Hardware and software installs and upgrades

– Internet provider (ISP) setup

– Security assessments

– Data recovery

– Performance Tune-ups

– Wifi and network setup

Web Programming

We address your unique requirements that cannot be met out of the box

– Web Development – We specialise in the LAMP stack – Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP which is the world’s most prolific web programming stack in platforms such as Laminas, Laravel and WordPress

– Quality assurance – best practice coding techniques and testing procedures

– Custom solutions – Understanding your unique business processes and providing solutions your specific needs

– Requirements gathering – We will work with you to identify what will benefit your business and then develop the best approach

– Management – More than just coding we have the experience to manage and support projects with all levels of management and teams by providing a complete service

– Ongoing consultation – During the life cycle of each project we ensure there is two way communication throughout to ensure that goals are met

Data Management

Keep control of your data and capitalise on your company’s decision making

– File Management and storage structure

– Database management and performance in platforms such as MySQL and Oracle

– Data transformations between systems

– Business Intelligence

– KPI Reporting

– Third party API integrations for data synchronisation

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