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You are enrolling in a TAE40116 CERTIFICATE IV IN TRAINING AND ASSESSMENT July virtual intake

Course Start date: 30 Jul 2020

You are enrolling into 15 week virtual classroom delivery of the above qualification.

 The course has been chunked into bite sized learning sessions. Each session runs for roughly three hours, once a week, over 15 weeks culminating with a final one day face to face session for Assessment.
These sessions are delivered via a virtual classroom using Microsoft Teams. During the sessions you will still participate in cooperative group learning strategies and gain the full face to face learning experience.

For new enrollees all sessions must be attended to address the full course learning outcomes.

On enrolment you will receive a copy of the course outline and details on the scheduling of the units.  

Visit our website to download a copy of our learner handbook. Our handbook will provide you with details and information about your training relationship with us.


Please note: if you hold a STUDENT OR OTHER TEMPORARY VISA please do NOT ENROL but contact us by email You may not be eligible to enrol in this particular course.

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