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Course Start date: 26 Oct 2020

For the best learning environment we do have minimum class sizes required. If these are not met, we will be in touch directly for alternative dates or refund options.

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This includes training materials, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for each day of the program.

Probity Essentials
Duration: 1 day;
Mode of Training: Classroom;
Award: Certificate of Completion;
Pre-requisite: None;
Course Level: Beginner/Intermediate.

This course consists of a range of valuable information and practical tips aimed at procurement professionals undertaking procurement activities. It will cover the fundamentals of probity, including your legal obligations, requirements of probity, and how to address the common probity pitfalls and mistakes. We will provide you with information on how to best communicate with tenderers and how to deal with conflicts of interest.

This course is an essential for anyone who is currently or planning on undertaking procurement activities.

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