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Course Start date: 27 Oct 2020

Local Government Procurement in association with Pro Leaders Academy, a registered training organisation, is now offering council staff a Diploma of Procurement and Contracting. This is a great opportunity for Local Government staff that have completed Certificate IV to progress to a higher qualification.
This nationally accredited qualification comes under the current PSP04 - Public Sector Training Package. It is a specialist qualification covering the competencies required for independent and self-directed work as a procurement and contract manager in the local government sector. Elements of PSP50616 - Diploma of Procurement and Contracting Qualification have been specifically contextualised to meet the needs of Local Government staff.

The skills you will learn will enable you to:
• Conduct more significant procurements, including managing contract performance
• Apply government processes, implement policy and promote and monitor compliance with legislation
• Coordinate risk management activities and manage contract risk
You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the public sector business environment and develop valuable specialist skills for purchasing, procurement and contracting.

The Diploma is 11 days. Participants will be able to complete most of the training and their assessment tasks in the time allocated for the program - no homework!

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