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Course Start date: 27 Oct 2020

Training will only go ahead when we have enough participants interested.

The Advanced Diploma is a qualification that requires breadth, depth and complexity involving analysis, diagnosis, design, planning execution and evaluation across a broad range of technical and/or managerial functions including development of new criteria or applications or knowledge or procedures. It requires the application of a significant range of fundamental principles and complex techniques across a wide and often unpredictable variety of contexts in relation to either varied or highly specific functions. Contribution to the development of a broad plan, budget or strategy is involved and accountability and responsibility for self and others in achieving the outcomes is involved.
This is a practical program in which participants will develop the strategic management skills necessary to operate at the middle to senior management level in the public sector, with emphasis on conducting and managing higher level and more complex procurement processes. Participants will participate in significant case studies, negotiation scenarios, making presentations and will also examine the legal, legislative and policy framework within which higher level procurements occur.

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This Advanced Diploma course will enable you to:
• Develop a comprehensive understanding of strategic procurement and contract management in the public sector, including legislative requirements.
• Understand the importance of good corporate governance and internal controls.
• Support strategic thinking in relation to government procurement issues.
• Communicate effectively with staff and other stakeholders.
• Support productive working relationships and achieve results

The Advance Diploma is 12 days long, made up of two and three-day blocks of training. The last 2 days of the course are an assessment workshop. You will be required to undertake some preparatory research within your organisation. This may require up to 10 hours of your time outside class.

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