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Course Start date: 11 Nov 2019

PUAWER008B - Fire Extinguisher
The unit covers the skills necessary to confined small workplace emergencies such as incidents of small fire can be controlled using a nearby fire extinguisher or chemical spill that can be controlled using workplace PPE and equipment and a small spill kit

The course will prepare, identify and assess emergency situations and safely confine emergencies where possible with the use of a fire extinguisher.

It is recommended that the The Fire Extinguisher Training be refreshed every 12 months.

PUAWER005 - Fire Warden
This unit covers the competency required to implement the emergency response specified in the workplace emergency procedures or specified by a person at a higher level in the emergency control organisation. This unit is suited to employeees who are delegated responsibility as part of an emergency control organisation to participate in the preparation of workplace emergency procedures.

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