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Safely Access the Aurizon Rail Network / Corridor

Are you a contractor wanting to work in the Aurizon Rail Network?
Our online Aurizon SARC course is for you.

This course has been designed and mapped to meet the following national units of competencies:

  • TLIF2080 - Safely access the rail corridor

  • TLIB3118 - Apply awareness of railway fundamentals

This course is fully completed online and meets the basic training requirements for the Aurizon Network.

This course is a Fee for Service Course. The course fee is :$230 and is GST free.

Important information:

  • To be able to complete this course on line you will need access to a computer

  • The best internet program to access the online course is Google Chrome. Unfortunately all other internet web browser’s do not fully work with the online learning environment. Download a Google Chrome here

  • If you successfully complete the course you will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment.

  • It will take you approximately 4 hours to complete the training and 1 hour to complete the assessment.

  • The assessment comprises of a written and series of practical assessments in a simulated environment.

As part of the process to obtain a National Rail Industry Worker Card (otherwise known as a RIW card), you will be required to obtain a National Rail Medical. Depending on the type of rail work you will be employed as this medical maybe a Rail Category 1, 2 or 3 (Rail Category 1 medical being the highest or Safety Critical Worker).

It is recommended that you obtain your National Rail Medical Category 1, 2, or 3 before you do the training. A National Rail Medical Category 1, 2, or 3 must be done by an approved Health Provider. A list of Approved Health Providers can be found at Please note that we do not need to sight this document. This medical is then uploaded to the National Rail Industry Worker Card (RIW Card). But we will not refund monies from failed medicals as it is essential that you obtain this document to work within the rail corridor.

Being the holder of a National Rail Industry Worker Card (RIW card), does not automatically entitle entry to the Rail Corridor or give you permission to work in the rail corridor. It is merely a safety awareness course that explains the hazards and safety measures you will confront when you do meet the rest of the requirements to work in the rail environment.

Successful completion of the Accessing the Aurizon Rail Network / Corridor Course does not allow a person to decide on or provide worksite protection. A worker who has successfully completed the course may enter the Danger Zone, if:
  • An easily reached Safe Place is available

  • There is no alternative route that can be taken

  • His or her duties require him to do so

  • Holds a current Rail Safety Worker (RIW) Card

  • Directly supervised by a Protection Officer.

The Statement of Attainment is evidence of completion of the training only and is not an authorisation to go on track.

This course focuses on the application of Access Provider:
  • Defined entry requirements and limitations

  • Policies, procedures and protocols for identified unsafe situations or emergencies within the limits of the role being undertaken

  • Rules and procedures for working around electrical infrastructure

This course also discusses:
  • Basic rail terminology as defined by the applicable network; including:

    • track geometry,

    • track components,

    • track turnouts,

    • track and formation structures,

    • track tools and rail equipment,

    • track installation and track maintenance machines;

  • The extent of rail corridor;

  • How to communicate effectively with individuals and/or groups;

  • How to recognise hazards that may arise and take appropriate action;

  • How to identify a potential or unsafe situations and/or emergencies and take appropriate action in accordance with workplace procedures;

  • How to use PPE conforming to Access Provider requirements;

  • When an emergency is identified, how to give an ‘emergency’ or ‘danger’ signal

  • Identify types of railway rollingstock;

  • Identify types of on-track or rail mounted installation and maintenance machines;

  • Identify types of locomotives, wagons, passenger cars and specialised rollingstock;

Although this training is recognised nationally units of competencies, every rail operator or track owner will require you to meet some additional requirements before you may be permitted to work in the rail environment. They will give you a:
    • local induction to the rules and regulations of their business

    • site induction EVERY time you go to a new work location that has its own unique hazards and risks, and they may have other regulations to comply with.

Please refer to our Client Handbook, Policies and Procedures located here for further information in regards to your rights and obligations as a student of Go-Train Industry Pty Ltd.

Once your enrolment has been verified you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours for you to access your course, which will contain your username and password details for the course.

Failure to complete payment will mean that you Enrolment will cancelled and no results or Statement of Attainment issued.

If you have any general questions about this course, please email I will respond to you within 24 hours of receipt of your message.

If you are an offshore International Trainee; either with a current Australian Visa or you have are seeking to complete this course prior to arriving in Australia, you MUST email support for enrolment USI instructions prior to enrolment to receive the USI International Trainee Code.

By enrolling in this course you are acknowledging that you have read and understood the above Information prior to enrolment.

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