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Course Start date: 03 Aug 2020

This qualification is ideal for individuals wanting to progress to the next level in their procurement and contract management career in a middle management position in the public sector. These positions may include Administrative Officer, Executive Level Officer, Contract Manager, supervisor or manager.

This qualification will develop skills to enable you to:

conduct more significant procurements, including managing contract performance;
apply government processes and be able to promote and monitor progress;
implement policies to ensure compliance with legislation; and
coordinate risk management activities and manage contract risks.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the public sector business environment and develop valuable specialist skills for purchasing, procurement and contracting.

Course format

There are 13 units of competencies that must be completed in order to attain the qualification that consists of 9 required/core units and 4 elective units.

The core/required units are:

PSPETH003 – Promote the values and ethos of public service;
PSPGEN049 – Undertake negotiations;
PSPLEG003 – Promote compliance with legislation in the public sector;
PSPPCM008 – Manage contract performance;
PSPPCM010 – Manage procurement risk;
PSPPCM011 – Plan to manage a contract;
PSPPCM012 – Plan for procurement outcomes; and
PSPPCM013 – Make procurement decisions.

The elective units are:

PSPPCM018 Conduct demand and procurement spend analysis;
PSPPCM016 Plan and implement strategic sourcing;
PSPPCM017 Plan and implement procurement category management
PSPPCM014 – Participate in budget and procurement review process

How Pro Leaders can help you gain your Qualification

Our trainers are highly skilled with extensive experience in the public service, private organisations and not-for-profit organisations to cater for any individual and organisational learning requirements.

Our practical approach to learning is based on the experience of our trainers to provide relatable and practical information on how theory can be applied in an organisation. We use real examples to demonstrate use and application to enhance learning and understanding, and we have had positive feedback from past participants on how they have effectively applied their knowledge in their workplace.

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