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You are enrolling in an UEE40411 Certificate IV in Electrical Instrumentation

Course Start date: 19 Oct 2020

If you are choosing to complete your UEE40411 Certificate IV in Electrical Instrumentation through the QLD Higher Skills Funding arrangements, please submit the following evidence to PMV via email to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements as stated below.

• Valid Driver’s License that shows you are above the age of 15
• Valid unrestricted Electrical License*
• Proof of Australian or New Zealand Citizenship or Australian Permanent Resident – e.g. copy of bio page of passport, birth certificate, Medicare card or Australian residency
• Proof you are a permanent resident of QLD – we require at least 2 different utility bills e.g. gas/water/electricity/rates/internet etc.

You may also submit a copy of any concession card you may hold.

For further information regarding Higher Skills Funding eligibility, please read:

UEE40411 is a restricted qualification meaning participants must hold an unrestricted electrical license, for further information, please read page 7:

A contribution to the cost of training and assessment services — called a co-contribution fee — must be made by students undertaking a certificate IV level and above qualification or priority skill set (see the PQS Policy, Appendix 1 and definition in Appendix 7).

Student must be aware that they will no longer be eligible for another government-subsidised training place under the Higher-Level Skills program once they have completed one certificate IV level or higher qualification.

Students are aware that, when accessing a Queensland Government subsidised training place, it is a requirement that they must complete a student training and employment survey within three months of completing or discontinuing their training:

All students, funded and unfunded, are to pay a deposit of $1500 at enrolment. The balance fees, if any, is collected in instalments not exceeding $1500, distributed over the duration of the course.

If you would like to seek credit for previous qualifications obtained, please contact the office directly.
Higher Skill Funding eligibility can only be confirmed once all the above documents have been submitted and checked by PMV and a written confirmation has been issued to the participant.

Alternatively, please submit your documents to PMV via email –

*Priority Skills List.
Any additional eligibility requirements will be based on industry advice or requirements under the relevant national training package. For UEE40411: Student must hold an electrical trade qualification (Certificate III) and may already hold a Certificate IV or higher-level qualification not funded through the Higher-Level Skills program.

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